A perfect “Midnight Summer Dream” will therefore be the outstiang description for the 2017 Summer Ball which took place on August 12th at the very famous Casino Afifense, a building that encloses all the magic of the 1930s between notes dated from 1859 to 1885.

Historical site, the Casino of Afife was the scene of numerous cultural events, highlighting the famous afifense poet Pedro Homem de Melo who debuted many of his work and his ‘tertúlias’ continued after his death. Conducted by the skillful hosts, Bekas Vieira and Luís Viana, the Casino Afifense opened its doors for the 8th time, for a night where the refinement and exquisite taste always guided by the charm of a knowingly relaxed and familiar embrace.

The purpose of this event is to recreate the Ides of the summer prom resort, now with a 21st century costume, maintaining the surrounding and revisiting generations. The predominant color was white, highlighting the tan and the “inner Smile” of all as they came. Light and color solutions, decorations, LED panels framed by the spartanly exuberant architecture of a singular era, provided unique moments to the guests who brightened up the ball.

Just like in the song: “If My blood doesn’t deceive me…” We shall return to the ball!


Casino Afifense | Summer Ball 2017

Now click through our gallery of the best 72 photos, from the Ball. Enjoy it!


Casino Afifense | Summer Ball 2017
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