The new collection by Portuguese designer Fatima Lopes takes us to the shores and beyond for inspiration. Her Spring/Summer 2017 chapter, showed in Paris, finds her taking imagery from the sea, which she then transfigures and finally transposes in her wardrobe for the season.

The collection is dominated by dresses. All save five formal gowns, are cut short and fall in lengths from above either above the midway point of the thighs to just above the knees. In nearly each of them, either the arms or the shoulders are exposed.

Among the most important in the collection are the short white, tuxedo inspiration with lace sleeves; the short one in sea foam green and a hue of blue with its midsection cutouts; and of course the little yellow dress in silk. This last one is simply divine because of its subtleness and resolute femininity. It and the white tuxedo inspired short dress are without doubt the strongest pieces in the collection. And together, they form the MUST-HAVES for every woman with a fit body and athletic legs !


FATIMA LOPES | The Way of the Waves

Now click through our gallery of the best 28 photos, from the Paris Show. Enjoy it!

Fatima Lopes | Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Show
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