The second edition of ‘Sleep in Porto’ occurred from 23 May to 4 June, at the Fort São João Baptista, in Foz do Douro, Porto. Organized by the producer Dina Souto Rosa, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, in an exhibition that presents the new trends in interior design.


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The exhibition, which could be visited free of charge, houses 12 fictional characters from all corners of the world to inhabit each of the apartments designed by 12 national offices of architecture and interior design.

This year’s counted with the participation of  AB Projects, Actual – Susana Pinto Ramos, Ana Lobo, Clever Build, Cristina Archer, Maria da Paz Dias, Maria Teixeira Pinto, Nuno Ribeiro, Pedro Mourão, Renata Laranjo, Rui Maciel e Suave – Paulo Santos Rodrigo e Raquel Sá.

An Angolan businessman, travels and brings with him his 15 pairs of shoes. Harica, a transvestite from Berlin, takes to the sea, towards the world. Also traveling a couple of Spaniards on their first romantic encounter, a painter, two sailors, a Jesuit, an Austrian couple, an Alentejana and his two greyhounds, an eccentric awarded the Euromillions and the lead singer of a rock band. And what do all these characters have in common?

Simple: coincidentally, or not, they all chose to visit Invicta (Porto) and stay in the Fort of S. João Baptista.

This is the motto of ‘Sleep In Porto’, which brings together hundreds of professionals in the areas of architecture, design, construction and decoration, In an event that, in this edition, proves to take seriously the concepts of vanguard and disruption.

Textures, touch and emotions, from balance to disruption, this event heralds a true experience.


SLEEP IN | Porto 2017

Now click through our gallery of the best 56 photos, from the exhibition. Enjoy it!


Sleep In | Porto 2017
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  1. José Manuel R S Freitas

    O que acabo de ver, transmite o que vi realmente, com a minha mulher Cidália. Ficámos maravilhados com o que se pode fazer em Portugal.
    Fazer do simples e do património nacional, transformações belas e de um gosto elegante e culto. Temos tudo para ser um País excêntrico. Temos uma situação geográfica de excelência e temos inteligência para estar na frente…BEM HAJA !…PARABÉNS. Jmfreitas


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